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About Us

Since inception in 1982, Ilan and its predecessor companies have carried the dual mission of being aggressive market participants while never losing site of the founder’s moral standards and fiduciary responsibility. The company is focused on generating above market risk adjusted returns by leveraging its experience and market knowledge during the acquisition period, and relying on superior execution once the asset has been purchased.

Ilan Investments is the logical amalgamation of various multifamily assets, all made better by their combination under a single banner. The company is dedicated to developing deep and long standing relationships with its investors by always focusing on risk management, its fiduciary responsibilities and the tenants of proper asset management. To achieve these goals Ilan has brought together a market leading team and provided them with the necessary tools to develop a better apartment platform.

Seasoned Acquisition Model
The acquisition model used by Ilan Investments is unique, not only because of its focus and level of refinement, but also because of the acquisitions team using it

  • Since the company inception in 1982, the focus has always been on value add and rehabilitation
  • As a Houston based company, Ilan has more experience with the value add property type than any other operator in the market
  • In the last 35 years, Charlie Yalamanchili has been involved in transactions totaling more than 100,000 units
  • Internal architecture, construction and finance groups allow the precise early stage understanding of projects

Property Management
Adara Communities, the property management arm of Ilan Investments is a unique asset and advantage

  • Unlike most multifamily operators who use third party management, Adara allows for seamless communications during the acquisition as well as operational hold period
  • As the operational extension of the company, Adara is one of the most experienced and savvy operators when it comes to repositioning deals
  • The combination of decades of applicable experience and a significantly scaled current portfolio embed Adara with market knowledge that is both deep and spread across a number of markets

The multifamily industry is quickly changing, as sophisticated algorithmic programs are developed to manage ever more complex portfolios

  • Ilan Investments and Adara Communities have the unique benefit of having dedicated the resources to develop a proprietary property management platform, YOTTA
  • YOTTA is fully adjustable, able to be specialized to the specific needs of any asset
  • As an internal platform, there is a great deal more give and take between the asset managers and the software programmers
  • The flatter management structure of the software solution means that solutions and updates to the YOTTA platform are accomplished much more quickly than they could be with a third party

As the owner of one of the largest private portfolios in the United States, which peaked at more than 44,000 units, Ilan Investments has deep and long standing relationships with a variety of key service providers

  • The Ilan acquisition team has decades old relationships with all the leading brokerage firms
  • The company’s focus on relationship building extends to engineering firms, consultants, municipalities and a host of other ancillary relationships, many of whom provide Ilan in market information and access to off market transactions
  • The capital markets team of Ilan has meaningful relationships with senior executives across the entire spectrum of lenders, from numerous Wall St conduits, to various insurance companies and banks to both government sponsored entities